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Commercial bridge between Mozambique and Indonesia launched

Chaired by Kambeny Comercial Lda, through its Managing Director Fernando Bilale, Mozambique and Indonesia are increasingly strengthening their commercial relations with the launch of the Mozambique _ Indonesia Chamber of Commerce.

This November 2021 is commemorating 30 years of Diplomatic and Commercial cooperation between Indonesia and Mozambique and as the highest point of these commemorations, the Mozambique – Indonesia Chamber of Commerce was officially launched on November 11th, according to the President of the association “…with a clear purpose which is to promote the development of mutually beneficial economic, social and commercial relations for businessmen in Mozambique and Indonesia…”

Quoting Fernando Bilale, “…currently, business between the two countries is only around 60 million US Dollars, and one of the objectives of this Chamber is that they grow to 600 million US Dollars in the next 5 years, for this purpose, different sectors of the economy are called to join…”

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